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Does 1-2-sports membership cost anything?

1-2-sports membership is free. This includes most of the features of the portal. Only some selected offers are chargeable. They are clearly highlighted in order not to be used by mistake. These so-called premium features (two of them are available at the moment) cost 20 miles each for one month.

How do I acquire miles?

You can purchase miles and thereby credit your account. 100 miles are worth 10 Euro. Additionally you will get a 10 miles bonus for each new member registered upon your recommendation. There are also challenges where the winner can get miles.

What are miles?

Miles are the 1-2-sports currency. You can subscribe to premium features for one or several months and you will have to pay 20 miles per month per package. Optionally, subscription to premium packages will be renewed automatically as long as your mile account shows a positive balance.